At ‘Atelier Belar,’ the epitome of premium interior design curated by Catherine Belove, we recently celebrated our Grand Opening. This extraordinary occasion marked a significant milestone in our journey to create luxurious living spaces. The evening was a spectacular event featuring elegant furniture, modern lighting, artful dance, and sparkling wine.

Catherine Belove – curator of the ‘Atelier Belar’ and founder of ‘Catherine Belove Interior’ with
Barry Schneider – director of operations of ‘Atelier Belar’ and founder of ‘European Kitchen Center’

From the first moment of the Grand Opening event, the energy was electrifying. ‘Atelier Belar’ is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership as the official New York dealer for premier Italian brands such as Porada, Desiree, Casa Casati, Eforma, and Contardi. With the addition of these brands and a commitment to the philosophy of creating quiet luxury, ‘Atelier Belar’ has become an integral part of the ‘Brooklyn Design Center,’ joining the modern kitchen showroom ‘European Kitchen Center’, studio of unique luxury interiors ‘Catherine Belove Studio’ and the interior design offices of ‘OAD Interiors.’ Through this outstanding collaboration, the New York area will be graced with even more exclusive and elegant home designs.

Guests at ‘Atelier Belar’ – a studio of luxury interior design

Guests at ‘European Kitchen Center’ – a studio of elegant modern European kitchens

Guests at ‘OAD Interiors’ – a full service Interior Design Studio that creates artfully designed spaces

We were overjoyed to share this moment with our guests, friends, and family. Special appreciation goes to our brand partners who honored us with their presence, arriving directly from Italy and Florida exclusively for the event.

Italian partners

Throughout the evening in ‘Atelier Belar’, guests spent unforgettable time with showcased harmonious interiors that were reflected in every piece of furniture from the timeless designs of Porada, to the contemporary elegance of Desiree. With a glass of prosecco and appetizers provided by a specially invited chef and high-end catering service our friends enjoyed an exclusive art exhibition and sophisticated contemporary dance performance by local modern dancers. 

Contemporary dance performance

An art exhibition at ‘OAD Interior’

As we open our doors to a new era of luxury living, we invite discerning connoisseurs of design to explore a world where elegance meets innovation. With a portfolio of premium brands and a philosophy centered on creating exceptional interiors, ‘Atelier Belar’ is poised to redefine the way we experience our living spaces.


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