BLADE table


Modern, geometric, sculptural beauty. This table is the utmost expression of elegance and sleek contours. The top rests on intersecting frames in various combinations of materials: metal, solid wood or leather, examples of the finest craftsmanship.

The Blade table represents elegance and linearity. The geometric inspiration is clearly visible in the sculptural design of this piece of furniture, celebrating the efficiency and refinement of rationality, challenging conventions, and forging new frontiers in the realm of luxury furnishings. The base is built with overlapping rectangular shapes, conveying a sense of consistent and deliberate strength, lending the Blade table an aura of dynamism and precision.

This table becomes the centerpiece of any space it graces. The tabletop is supported by intersecting frames and materials that meet each other. Metal, solid wood, and leather are expertly crafted with exquisite artisan skills. Its unconventional geometry and exceptional craftsmanship make it a prestigious addition to any interior design project.

The table is available in three standard sizes, fixed and with extensions. The dimensions of the tabletop can be customized.
Blade is also offered in a console version and in various wood finishes.