EMILY chair


Emily, designed by Stefano Spessotto for Costantini Pietro, embodies beauty and contemporary design: a chair with sinuous and enveloping lines that conquers the eye and the heart. The elegance of its curved wooden structure blends with the quilted upholstery, creating a harmony of shapes and materials that evokes Oriental refinement. The inspiration from Chinese culture is evident in the slim and well-defined legs, reminiscent of Shanghai chopsticks.

Emily is not only beauty, but also comfort and functionality. The upholstered section with its embracing shape, ensures a feeling of softness and relaxation, perfect for residential or commercial settings. Its generous dimensions allow it to be incorporated into projects with an international flair, while its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of environments.
The seamless integration of the seat and backrest into a single curved and harmonious element enhances both the structure and the function, creating a unique and memorable seating experience. The Emily chair charms and conquers with its comfort.