ICON table


The Icon table is distinguished by its unmistakable hallmark: the jewel-like base created from a refined interweaving of shimmering steel ellipses arranged at various angles, with the sensual golden brass hue accentuating their reflections.
This table is tangible proof of Costantini Pietro’s commitment to craftsmanship excellence and a celebration of authentic beauty, endowing it with timeless usability that transcends fads and trends.

Icon is a sculpture of incredible lightness and intriguing transparency, charming with its sophisticated elegance. The tabletop’s thin, rounded corners come in various materials: wood, marble, and glass.
Costantini Pietro turns nature into a design element with the Icon table, offering an unparalleled sensory and visual experience.
Icon is available in two standard sizes: one for marble, 240×120 cm, one for wood, 250×128 cm, and one for glass, 240×110 cm.