OLTRE chair


This solid beechwood chair features a sophisticated design and contemporary style.

Oltre presents itself with a sophisticated design that celebrates the contemporary style. The solid beech wood structure molds into an exceptionally comfortable chair. The ergonomics are thoughtfully designed to provide an optimal fit between the chair and the individual’s seated posture, thanks to a double curve in the backrest that offers support and embraces the body.

Oltre showcases distinct craftsmanship in its backrest, making it instantly recognizable and truly unique. The backrest consists of horizontal solid wood slats that break the continuity of the upholstery, accentuating its double curvature.
Every detail of this chair has been meticulously shaped, surpassing mere aesthetics and delving into the essence of design. Its captivating silhouette captures attention, while the sturdy structure and high-quality materials exude prestige and opulence.
Oltre is also available in an armchair version and can be personalized with a wide range of coverings, including leather, leatherette, and fabrics.