The opulent Splendor table base, the core element of this piece, is made of a stylish arrangement of metal tubes.

The Splendor table stands as a charming and unforgettable work of art in design. Its exquisite base, inspired by Art Déco’s elegance, is composed of a composition of metal cylindrical elements of varying diameters, which rise majestically to support a substantial top. The design of this table is a nod to refined and elegant luxury.

At the heart of this furnishing piece is its precious base, a sculpture of cylindrical metal elements assembled in a circular shape. The Splendor dining table boasts a dual personality: it is a breathtaking work of art and a functional element for socializing.
The Splendor collection also includes a table with a circular top and a sideboard of a similar design, allowing for creating a coordinated and classy environment with a memorable style.