VANITY table


This modern dining table has a base available in various wood species and a clear glass top. Vanity comes in various sizes and thicknesses and can be customized upon request.

The letter “V” stands for Vanity and is the focal point of the design for this spectacular and contemporary table. The majestic transparent glass top and the wooden base create a captivating contrast and a refined, elegant combination. The crystal top not only amplifies the beauty of the base but also creates a visual lightness effect, giving the impression that the table is floating in the air.

Vanity’s sleek design harmoniously marries its prominent base sturdiness with the gentle touch of the transparent crystal tabletop. Setting this table apart is its signature V-shaped base, crafted from premium wood and resting upon a metal pedestal. This distinctive shape introduces a touch of modernity and originality to the design.
The Vanity dining table offers easy customization, with choices in varying dimensions and thicknesses for the crystal top, a range of woods for the base, and different finishes for the metal pedestal.